looking 4 a +(positive) future

i don’t really like thinking much about it… if i could be with cacus 4ever, i would, + i don’t think i’d want anyone else.

i don’t really like thinking much about it… if i could be with cacus 4ever, i would, + i don’t think i’d want anyone else.

~Ever listen tOoO POoOp oOor Glubstep?~

i prefer classical, + filk + background music 4 when i relax


Basic Stats:

Name: Cacus Vulcan

Blood color: dark orange-y brown (between rust and bronze)

Age: 8 sweeps


  (alchemy symbol for fire)

Handle: arsonAnarchist

Typing quirk: doubles r and f

FLARP handle: pyrestarter

Strife Specibus: tessenkind (metal fan), Pyrokinesis

Matesprit: Ianus Dingir

Kismesis: No


‘Friend’: Phere Paphar

hey everyone! it’s my lovely matesprit! go follow him too, he’s the best. <3

You and your matesprit make a really cute couple! How did you meet?

we met on trollcraigslist looking 4 new flarp partners, + met up to practice sparring because we lived near each other. we had a great little battle, but i was still smarting from my burns, so i guess i sucked at it. he helped me get back home, + somehow i got lucky enough that he stuck around to help me get better. now i can’t get rid of him… + i don’t really want to.

Eventually, fforr now its morre ffun just staring at you, also iff my head didn't hurrt so much, i'd come up with betterr questions, prromise.

here, i know this is a few months old, but… well, you know. <3

Maybe. Okay, prrobably, okay yes. <3

> ///< you! you need to get a journal here! it is +ly necessary! 

Okay, what I want to know is, why arre you so ffucking sexy-

*blushes* oh my… i already have a matesprit, you know, + i…

cacus, is this you!? i recognize those rolling r’s, mister!

my lusus is not what you’d call very attentive. he is more often than not away, + he doesn’t come inside much. he likes to be in the 4ests + sometimes i watch him from the top of the lighthouse. he brings me food every week though, whether i see him or not. mostly it is raw materials like wild plants + stolen goods. he doesn’t like to bring me meat, so i have to hunt it myself. i really like it when he brings me herbs 4 tea. i dry my own + blend it.

((Since my tablet is broken this was pretty much done entirely with brushes. Links: + . + . + . + .))

whats up with your face

well, back when that fight broke out + everything caught on fire, a beam fell on me. it was also on fire, un4tunately enough. so yeah, that’s what happened to my face. rather a boring tale, i guess. took me a long time to recover because my lusus wasn’t much help.